What Are The Best Treats For Your Dog?


the best treats for your dogThere is a huge market for dog treats online and in store. A lot of people don’t take the time to read what they are buying when they take a snack for their dog off the store shelves. Ideally, you only want your dogs treats to be ten percent of their daily intake. The best treats for your dog are out there if you take the extra minute to look.

  The Most Popular

When I think of dog treats, it brings to mind the hard, crunchy biscuit bones that come in a box. Sadly, the milk bones you find on your store shelves are not healthy but very popular. Sugar is the third ingredient listed on the label. Another bad factor includes that they put the ingredient BHA in them. BHA is a known carcinogen that produces tumors in lab animals.

Soft treats are also popular because they are used for old dogs with few teeth or training purposes. Senior dogs are lucky because there are soft treats to target their health. NaturVet has a treat that contains chamomile, ginger and melatonnin. The melatonin can help reduce anxiety before car rides or other appointments.

The Hard Treats

Dental bone chews are given to dogs to help with bad breath and teeth. They are made with digestible ingredients such as corn starch. At a pet retail store you can get a dental chew called Greenies. They are given once a day and number one Veterinarian recommended. They are clinically proven to reduce tarter buildup by sixty percent!

Animal bones and hooves can be dangerous to your dog because they can easily cause chipping and breaking of the teeth. Blockage in the stomach and intestines can happen and then you are stuck with a trip to the nearest Vet. Rawhide are also not recommended and are treated with chemicals. They usually are given to help with teething in young dogs. 

There are digestible rawhide available that are low risk and still good for the teeth. There are also the other options’ cornstarch based. Giving a dog a raw uncooked bone is going to be chemical free and also carries a low risk of breaking or chipping.

Jerky treats are a good option for a treat but you want to make sure they are not high in sodium. High sodium will increase a dogs thirst and that in result leads to more urination. They are also a healthier alternative to rawhide and other manufactured bones. Jerky has low calories, amino acids and lean protein which is all wonderful for your dogs diet!

Naturally Madeyorkie treats

When you buy a dog treat you want to avoid wheat, soy, corn, artificial flavors, and high sugar contents. You want to look for natural preservatives like Vitamin C or Vitamin E. Try to find dog treats made in the USA and not China. Propylene glycol is used in dog food and treats as a moisturizer. It also keeps meat from becoming discolored. Propylene glycol is a bad preservative that can be substituted with a healthier one like vegetable glycerin or molasses.

As dog owners, we like to give our dogs table scraps as a treat. Most of that is really not good for them. You don’t want to be giving them processed food like hot dog and cookies. Food like apples, carrots, lean meats can be treats and are very healthy for your dog in moderation! Grapes, raisins and onions are poisonous to dogs.

Some farmers markets have naturally made dog treats you can buy. There are also a lot of recipes out there that instruct you how to make balanced dog treats. You can freeze dry foods for your dog or you can buy them already done. Grain free and freeze-dried treats are great because the nutrients stay in better and are not as messy.

Treats With A Benefit

Veterinarians now supply dog treats in the form of a flea and tick pill. The one I have used for my dog lasts a month. My dog loves it due to a meat flavor that is in it. You also lose the mess of putting the topical stuff on your dogs coat. There are dog treats out there that come as a supplement to help with an existing health condition. You may give your dog a pill that helps their joints.

Most of your local pet stores carry Kong toys. They have a specific toy that’s made for you to put food in. Most people buy the prepackaged food to put in it, but you can use anything. I’ve heard of people freezing foods inside it so it takes the dog longer to get the treat out. It would also be a refreshing treat for them on a hot summer day. I have also seen dog gravy. This could be used to encourage a dog to eat during times they do not have a high appetite or just as a little extra.

A new thing that is starting to get popular is hemp or CBD treats. They are usually a meat flavor so it appeals to your dog and they supply many health benefits. CBD oil is a compound of cannabis that supplies health benefits to humans and dogs without the THC. The THC compound is what is in cannabis that gives you a high. These treats can give dogs relief from multiple symptoms like anxiety, stress, pain, inflammation, seizures, and so much more! Just make sure you are buying the treats from a organic and reputable company so you are getting top quality.

The End Resultdog with treats

Dogs love their treats but also love their owners attention! If you have a dog that already suffers from high weight, why not buy a toy that they can play with? Once you start playing with them, they will be just as pleased with that.

A lot of dogs are picky about what kind of treats they will eat. Some dogs like soft treats as others want hard, crunchy biscuits. The millions of options’ out there now make it easier than ever to satisfy our dogs. Below I have listed brands of some healthier treats out there you may want to try.

  • Wellness
  • Simply Nourish
  • Organix- America’s #1 organic pet food and only one that is USDA organically certified.
  • Spot Farms-
  • Isle of Dogs- They have a dog food that can served as a meal, treat or food topper.
  • Stella and Chewys- Carries raw dog food also.
  • Ziwi Peak- Their dog food is ninety-six percent meat!
  • Canidae Grain Free Pure Heaven dog biscuits
  • Rocco and Roxie
  • Newmans Own Premium Organic Treats
  • Zukes
  • Plato
  • Greenies Dental treats( not all-natural but still healthy)

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    Great information! I did not realize there were so many options out there. Enjoy your posts! Thank you!

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      Thanks Brenda! I try to make stuff as informative as I can!

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    Thank you for a very informative article, I never new how many choices there were for dog treats and never really paid attention to the bad stuff in them.

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  3. Holly, yes, my doggy got rid of the topical flea solution too, since I’ve discovered the pill pockets. Finally, done with that messy poison everywhere on him; regardless of how careful I always applied it. Thanks for the tip about Stella and Chewys. My pooch loves their freeze-dried duck dinner-patties, but I had no idea they carry raw food too. Excellent advice, Holly. Keep up the wonderful work on your website.

    1. Its amazing what they are coming out with for convenience. I’m so glad you liked the article. Thank you so much for your kind words.

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    Hi, very informative article. What do you think about CBD treats for dog?

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