Raw Wild Dog Food Review- Is It Worth The Extra Dollar?

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Product: Raw Wild Dog Food

Price: This company offers three monthly options to fit your dogs needs. The first option is 12lbs for 10.99/lb that comes to $131.88. The second option is 24lbs for 9.99/lb that totals $239.76. The third option is 48lbs for 8.99/lb that would come to $431. 52.

Where To Buy: www.rawwild.com

Size: You decide how often and how much!

Guarantee: If you are not happy with the food you can let the company know and they will replace it or refund your purchase. No questions asked.raw wild review

Product Review:

If you have been searching for a raw dog food to feed your family member at home this just may be your answer! 99.4 percent of your dogs meal is going to be from fresh elk and deer. They never have organs included either because the hunter takes them out when dressing the animal. The rest of your dogs meal will have a mix of vitamins and minerals.

Raw Wild Food does not add organ meat from domestically raised animals because there is chance of contamination. Meat can easily get contaminated if an organ has mycotoxins and pesticides from food a domesticated animal had ate beforehand. They also don’t like to use organs processed in a slaughter house because of bacterial contamination.

Go For Quality!

When you go to their website there is a calculator that you can use to determine how much dog food per month you should be ordering. It is very helpful! All you do is put your dogs weight in and they do the rest. If you set up a monthly shipping plan with them it is free and they bring it to your door. They also give first time buyers a 25% off discount. I encourage anyone to try out this company if they are looking for high quality raw meat diet for their dog.

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