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Is Canned Dog Food Better Than Dry Dog Food?


canned dog food vs dryHave you ever wondered if there was a big difference in canned or dry dog food? Is canned dog food better than dry dog food? I have always given my dog the dry food. I figured with the right ingredients she would have a healthy diet. I never thought into whether her age or health condition should be considered when choosing her food. I have researched out of my own curiosity and this is what I came up with.

Why Give Soft Food?

Dogs get older and their senses of smell reduces. Since dog’s decide what they are going to eat first with their nose, dry food may not seem as appealing. This is when soft food comes in handy. There are times when senior dog’s are ill or lacking appetite. Soft dog food will be a lot more appealing than dry. Soft food closely resembles wild meat they would get out of captivity or in the wild. You can’t blame them for wanting something that is a natural instinct.

A dog will most likely prefer soft food if they have missing teeth, poorly aligned jaws or a smaller mouth. Some dog’s have a hard time digesting hard dog food so they switch foods keeping their dogs from malnutrition. Surgeries can have a dog stuck a soft diet for a while until they recover. When are used to soft food it isn’t always the easiest to switch them back.

Soft Food Nutritional Value

Soft food adds hydration to a dog’s diet if they are not getting enough intake. The water content in the food also helps with urinary tract infections. You can give your dog a larger meal without adding more calories because soft food usually has lower calories than dry food. Most soft foods are also higher in protein. Ingredient nutrients in soft food are kept a lot better than a bag of dry dog food. This food has no artificial flavors, colors, or synthetic preservatives since it is in a can. Younger dog’s can build muscle from soft food easier at times because it contains high protein. bag of canned food

Dry Dog Food

Dry dog food helps gums and a young puppies teething. Its kind of like a natural dental cleaning, although just the dog food alone won’t keep all issues away. There are dog foods targeted towards tarter and plaque issues. One of the main reasons people settle on dry food is the convenience. Who wants their dogs to have soft food all over the place?

Dogs can be very picky about when they eat too. With soft food they have a limited time span to eat it and the leftovers have to be put in the fridge right away. Most dog owners put their dog’s food in a bowl and let it sit for the day. Everyone wants their dogs to be on a consistent diet and that is easier with dry food. If you have a dog that needs a diet with grains, you will want to feed dry dog food. This will contain more than a canned food will.

The Downfall

Most people want dry food so the mess is very minimal. Your dog can eat soft food too fast and miss the first stage of digestion called mastication. Having your dog on a soft diet you will want to make sure you have their teeth checked more frequently. Not having that hard food to assist in dental cleaning can make a difference with dog’s more prone to teeth issues.

There is a possibility of an upset tummy from all the moisture, higher protein, or fat content if a dog is not used to it yet. The higher moisture levels can help your dog feel fuller than if you had them on a dry diet. The better quality food you buy the higher the price tag. If your going to buy a good quality soft dog food it’s probably going to cost more since it has all the nutrients in it.

The Perfect Solutioncanned food better than dry food

As I’ve found out there are huge benefits to each. You can use both, dry, or canned in a good diet. The main thing is your finding what works best for your dog and most beneficial. Some people give soft food just as a treat here and there or on top of their regular food as part of the meal. One other option is making homemade dog food. Its not as popular because its one more thing people have to do. As we know we live in a society where convenience is what people like.

If you decide to make a change to their diet, keep in mind not every food has the same ingredient content. For example, one bag of food may have lower or higher calories than the other. It’s also important to slowly change your dog’s food over to another one. This avoids problems like diarrhea and an upset belly.

You want to start with twenty-five percent new food and seventy-five percent old food. After this you will slowly increase the new food and decrease servings of the old food. When adjusting to a new food, every dog is different. Your local Vet can help you with any questions you have concerning your dog’s food. I hope this was able to help someone. I am happy to know now that soft food can be healthy and a good part of every dog’s meal.

2 thoughts on “Is Canned Dog Food Better Than Dry Dog Food?”

  1. I have two dogs who mostly eat raw with some dry added for breakfast. We bought a can a week ago when we ran out of raw for tea. the 2 dogs preferred to starve rather than eat the soft canned food. Fussy dogs, they can turn their nose at the raw sometimes. Thanks for this article with the difference between them.

    1. Wow they are definitely picky! lol I’m lucky my dog eats anything haha

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