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Healthy Dog Nutrition


A dog needs a balanced diet just like us humans. There are ingredients in dog food that will benefit your dog and others that will not. Some ingredients you want to stay away from completely. Proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates are all part of a healthy dog nutrition. Proteins A healthy dog has protein […]

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Senior Dog Nutrition


We are always looking out for our dogs best interest because we want them to be healthy and live as long as they possibly can. When senior dogs get older the nutrients they needed when they were younger can change as they get older. An active puppy is going to have different dietary needs then […]

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Welcome to my Dog Nutrition website! I hope while you are here you are able to find exactly what you need! I am a dog lover and owner like a lot of people. I started learning about health and dog nutrition when I started a job at a Pet Retail store. I loved that there was many options for pet owners […]