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About Me

Welcome to my Dog Nutrition website! I hope while you are here you are able to find exactly what you need!

I am a dog lover and owner like a lot of people. I started learning about health and dog nutrition when I started a job at a Pet Retail store. I loved that there was many options for pet owners to choose from. Being a cashier to start out I got to see all the different dog breeds and why they were on that certain food. After awhile I became bored of that and my manager put me in the grooming salon. I was a bather that did dog baths and nails. It was a busy, tiring and enjoyable job! I eventually signed up with a online college and they taught me how to groom dogs. It started as a internship with a groomer in my area. She was a great teacher and it was tons of fun. Once I knew what I was doing I started my own grooming business in the basement of my house.

So many people don’t realize that their dog is having a break out from the type of food they are eating. There are dog’s that struggle with so many different allergies now, such as a certain grain or meat they are eating. As a groomer i see many dogs that are obese and could benefit from a diet change. I have also seen hair loss as a result of bad dog food.

The goal of my site is to give multiple dog food options so that dog owners can find the right fit for their family member. Different life stages in a dogs life call for different types of food.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,